Saints Community Band

Originally ‘The Training Section’, formed in September 2003 and at the time consisted mainly of complete beginners and a few who had limited playing experience, Saints Community Band has since grown, developed, and evolved into a band for all.

Since the beginning of 2010 the training section has evolved further with the Foundation Group now becoming the Saints Community Band continuing with its development and beginner and intermediate players.  The Intermediate Band have now become the St Peter’s Band, performing at St Peter’s by the Waterfront and throughout Ipswich and Suffolk.

The aims of the Training Section are to:

  • Create an enjoyable learning environment in order to
  • Play an instrument
  • Develop the skills of reading music
  • Develop general musicianship

Applications are welcomed from any member of the community including children. There is an annual membership fee. For anyone receiving school or private lessons, the aim is to consolidate tuition being given. For anyone who is not having lessons, the aim is to help learners achieve a similar standard.

The Training Band welcomes all players who wish to improve their playing within a group setting.

Instruments and Home Practice

For those who do not have an instrument there are a limited number available to hire from the band. Alternatively, details about hiring from music shops can be provided. It is expected that learners will take good care of their instrument and commit to a certain amount of home practice so that they will succeed and progress with their instrument.

For more information about the training section or joining any of the bands please email